A First

Today was such a nice day! We were only in town so I could open a new bank account, but we bumped into lots of smiling faces along the way. Our happy mood melted with theirs and by the time we were finished the corners of my lips were effortlessly connected with my earlobes (metaphorically).

 I feel hugely vain and self-centered posting pictures of myself. I suppose I will have to get over that feeling as soon as possible in order to show off more tactfully.
This is one of those outfit posts. I am giving it a try.
I delved into the depths of our cellar a few days ago and discovered this forgotten leather rucksack. It's so 'cute'. Honestly cannot think of a a more serious word to describe it.

Jeffrey Campbell Taupe Suede Litas via Solestruck
Jeans shirt and trousers H&M

So last night I couldn't sleep, thus I ended up reading a lot of articles on the internet, mainly via Vice. A lot of the tone of their stuff frustrates me (i.e. the complete overuse of irony, merging into arrogance), but quite often proves entertaining.
One article was about something called ASMR. If you don't know what it is, you will want to know.
It was fascinating, go and read it too.

Bringing Hate Back Into German Politics is also a good one.

The Maccabees are coming to Frankfurt! So you should watch this live performance of a gorgeous song I fell in love with when I was about 13.


End of Summer

I think the title is wishful thinking, but one can hope that it will end soon. I must admit I don't mind sunglasses, ice cream and not going to school, but I do thoroughly oppose smelly public transport, shaving my legs perfectly every day and overenthusiastic adolescents at every corner.
Although overenthusiastic people are usually likeable in their own way, trams and buses full of seventeen year old boys smothered in puberty aren't always enjoyable.

I spent the past few weeks mostly drinking cold coffee, watching 8 out of 10 Cats and Nevermind the Buzzcocks, feeling hot and somehow contemplating life an awful lot as well as enjoying it.

This has become one of our favourite places to drink coffee in Frankfurt. Located directly next to where I work (Iimori), Magarete has the most relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and seemingly immaculate interior design (except that one bulb isn't working in the picture above-find it!). Can't wait to eat here soon.

A friendly waiter took our picture. Unfortunately my expression was in the middle of changing when he hit the button, so please do admire the crowns of our heads in black and white.

Mozzarella for our pizza.

Behold this delicious discus!

Annika has assured me she's never worn these fabulous leg accessories out.

The final product of the Deadly Sins project.

There's less than 7 days left of freedom and although there is a lot to dread in the coming year, hopefully it will be a good final year at school. When you don't think too much about the future and worry about fulfilling something unknown, life can be quite exciting.

This cover is lovely and almost as good as the original.


There Goes the Fear

I cannot believe it's been almost two weeks since I came back from England. I miss it, so here are a few more photos from those perfect weeks.

Covent Garden

42°Raw - I had a blueberry and basil smoothie. 

Covent Garden II

 Hotel room, Charing Cross


My grandparents with the Queen and Prince Charles. Smiles all around.

When I'm 81, I want to have a place like this too.

 They were exactly this colour.

One of my mum's friends I met in London described the feeling of hearing a piece of music that practically has the capacity to tear your heart out and showed me this song.