El Classico

The smell of burnt egg reminds me of all the mistakes I've ever made, I ponder, and all the mistakes I am still to make.I remove the pan from the heat and examine the promise of life I had robbed of its value as even a culinary delight.

That was just one of the moments from the past few days when I have gone from doing something considered by many as a simple task, to unintentionally confronting myself with problems better left until after eating an omelette.

I love this skirt to smithereens. I mean it in all honesty. It's my favourite item of clothing I have ever owned. And if you ask anyone who sees me on a regular basis they will confirm I wear it to smithereens too.

The shoes are metallic Zara bad-boys which have been an extension of my legs on special days since before I left for Singapore. They are utterly beautiful. A sweet spanish shop assistant removed the final size thirtyeights from the shop mannequin for me. When it's sunny, the light reflects off them so it feels like you're walking on disco balls. 

Skirt: Romwe
T-shirt (temporary DIYed): Annika and Topshop (ich bringe es dir heute mit, habs in Kroatien ausversehen eingepackt!),
Shoes: Zara 
Earrings and sunnies and anklet: Topshop
I'm also wearing Shanghai Spice by Mac (as if you can actually see)

Keep your eyes peeled, because I have something planned. As it is proving above averagely difficult to find a specific Neutral Milk Hotel song to end this with on YouTube, here is an indie oldie. Sweet sentiment. But I dig talking over dancing at least 6.5 times out of 10.


We Were In Lov(e)ran

I own a multitude of black bras, but it's not like I don't own bras in any other colours and/or patterns. In fact, my all time favourite bra is pale blue, which is the rainy day to my constantly worn night.
Lately I keep reaching for black bras.
Maybe I am trying to construct a far reached metaphor about how humans usually pick the easier, comfortable, known options in life. But I'm probably just spewing words and making you imagine my bra drawer.

Anyway... Croatia was fantastic. I have an undying affinity to the sea. When we lived in England when I wasn't old enough to understand what the words like 'cider', 'snog' or 'synagog' meant, we used to spend what felt like almost every weekend there. Every time we moved back to Germany after having lived in England for a while again I put 'the sea' at the top of the list of things I missed most (closely followed by fish and chips and book shops and our garden).
That is one of the reasons why Croatia was fantastic. We were two minutes walk from the sea and it spread it's arms around us every morning, afternoon and night.
One of the other reasons why Croatia was fantastic was because I was with my best friend, and we spent many an hour chatting, many an hour cooking and many an hour just relaxing.

It was such a relief to be so completely taken away from the city, the constant hum and vibrations of social life and 'entertainment'; the constant feeling of having to do something or else risk feeling like you're losing something or missing something, something you can never understand or desire anyway.

By the end of my time there my legs (especially my left leg) were covered in bruises and scratches and cuts as a result of overenthusiastic rock climbing and diving, which is definitely a good thing.

I decided quite consciously that I would spend more time enjoying the scenery as opposed to constantly taking pictures of it. That proved a blessing and a shame.

I am going to end this by a) quoting Buddha, b) encouraging everyone to stick it out and c) a song which accompanied many a day on the beach in beautiful Lovran.


In the end
these things matter most:
How well did you love?
How fully did you live?
How deeply did you let go?

(On that note I am half-way through Siddharta by Herman Hesse- every time I put it down, it leaves a more than pleasant, sobering after taste.)


Even if you can't see it, it's there.



Being in Bangkok (A South East Asian Journey Part 2)

I'm back from Croatia and England. Croatia was absolutely fantastic. Your surroundings really do influence to an immense measure how you feel mentally. Take away the city and replace it with the salty sea and fresh fruit and vegetables and you feel like the person you are meant to be.
More on those glorious days of relaxation and recreation when I have sorted out the photographs.
The trip to the UK was short but sweet and made me remember what I love about England most: the people. And Waterstones. And Topshop. And the sea. And ...

I have sorted through the pictures from Thailand and have created an extremely image-heavy post. All the pictures were taken with the new Canon EOS M, which is truly stunning.

The flight from Singapore to Bangkok was just over two hours if I remember correctly. We stayed in the beautiful Amari Watergate Hotel, which was smack bang in the middle of Bangkok. I somehow ended up staying in a twin room by myself. I can't truthfully say that I didn't do any bed-to-bed-jumping and dancing to this song on the first evening there (aka I did).

This was the fantastic view from the hotel room. It was even more spectacular by night, which is why I didn't take a picture.

Directly out side of the hotel. Stripes on the run while taxi driver stands idly by.

After we arrived we went to have a Thai Massage. It was quite intense (and by intense I mean rough), but I enjoyed it so much. Complimentary tea after having yourself yanked around for a while.

Our driver for the two days had some groovy looking bits in the car.

When I woke up to this (I like sleeping with any curtains open) my heart crept up into my throat and then lay down with me on the crispy sheets.

I will never get gel nails again (probably). As gorgeous as they were (really gorgeous and they lasted weeks), my nails are still in a state after having them taken off. Old faithful iPhone, and a load of chemicals and powders and liquids in fancy tubes and pots. The M.A.C. Plushglass lip-gloss is godly (Imagine if all Gods wore this lip gloss? Zeus and Krishna perhaps rocking out in the shades 'Ample Pink' and 'Oversexed'.).

Important Rule: Keep hydrated in the tropics.

We drove for about an hour and a half out of Bangkok to go to a 'floating market'.  You hop on your ride and travel through river-ways past stands and beautiful surreal greenery. Photographs do not do it justice.

These are made of fresh coconut and sugar. Dee-vine.

This slightly suspicious coloured drink is actually sweet coconut water. If beer tasted like this thirteen-year-olds would become alcoholics after the first sip.

Aside from the crop this is SOOC. I love this shot.

Gentle reminder that we were in crazy Asia. Cute tea cosies.

Neutral colours with some interruptions and a shark everyone wanted to take a picture with, why though?

Bangkok bokeh. Taken whilst we were on a river-dinner-cruise. The food was amazing, the scenery even better. 

Flashing Gangnam-style kids Tees. 

Thai script is beautiful.

I have never in my life seen an animal this cute. And he felt SO soft. I was (am) in love. 

Everything looks a tad cooler with less of our western alphabet.

Crispy white sheets, the last morning.

This groovy suitcase has accompanied me on my travels this summer. I love it unconditionally, especially because I always spotted in really quickly on the luggage belt.

The flight back to Singapore. I listened to the Alt-J album what felt like three times and I still can't get enough of it. 

My final day in Singapore. I walked back from a near by mall to click a few snaps. Slightly regretfully I ended up soaking wet. My Dad lives in the tall condo in the middle of this picture.

One of the pools at Regent Heights. Yes 'one of them'. How ridiculous! What do you do if you live on a money-making, money-eating island? Create countless recreational opportunities! 

On my final day I had matcha latte with my Dad and took an instax walking across Robinson road. 

I had such a fantastic trip and I will remember it at least until I die.
The time I spent in Asia felt like a teaser. It barely scratched at the surface of all the things to see and discover on the other side of the globe. It made me realise that while at the moment life is full of uncertainty, doubt and hopeful anxiety, I am pretty sure I want to go and work in Asia for at least a few years after I finish my studies (still working on that one).