You find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London. No, Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.

Isn't it true, that your whole view on life, the present and past and future, all changes when you leave the place you live?
After two weeks away I feel fresh and different, satisfied and ready. (Not sure for what yet...)

England was wonderful. Just as expected. Where can I start? The people. People are different there. How lovely it is to be smiled at all day and how lovely it is to be talked at and how lovely it is that everyone is capable of being with such ease. It's not bad, the way it is here, but the difference is like hot and cold after living in Frankfurt for so long.

I started the journey with my mother in a tiny car fighting its way through wicked rain to Canterbury where my beautiful grandmother awaited with chocolate digestives and tea. We continued onto London that week and honestly I feel that that city is special beyond words. It's intriguing, layered and seems never ending. Even in comparison to Tokyo (a city that I can safely say I love with ridiculous enthusiasm), it's different and inviting in so many ways. I want to go back and walk through every street and step into every eccentric little shop and cafe and talk to every eccentric human I meet. (Probably only possible if blessed with immortality...)
I hope my future husband resides in London currently, just putting that out there.

After a lot of walking, coffee drinking, sitting-by-Thames-with-Champagne-ing, shopping, show watching (Wicked, anyone?!), a warm safe feeling spread through me and I can still feel it now. Thank you Mum, it made up for everything. I really think it did.

The second week I spent drinking a massive amount of tea, relaxing, reading 50 Shades of Grey (simply hmm on that one) , reading about 124 Vice articles, going down to the sea, and spending time with family I rarely get to see.

But now I'm back and I'm glad. I literally dropped my bags at home before rushing to Annika's. There was a lot of relief and in the morning we ate these delicious savory pancakes with raspberries. (You should look at the pictures on Instagram to get excited like me.)

I'm making a seperate post for the photos I took in England, but for now just listen to this and watch Aaron Johnson.

REM - Ɯberlin from peta on Vimeo.

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