End of Summer

I think the title is wishful thinking, but one can hope that it will end soon. I must admit I don't mind sunglasses, ice cream and not going to school, but I do thoroughly oppose smelly public transport, shaving my legs perfectly every day and overenthusiastic adolescents at every corner.
Although overenthusiastic people are usually likeable in their own way, trams and buses full of seventeen year old boys smothered in puberty aren't always enjoyable.

I spent the past few weeks mostly drinking cold coffee, watching 8 out of 10 Cats and Nevermind the Buzzcocks, feeling hot and somehow contemplating life an awful lot as well as enjoying it.

This has become one of our favourite places to drink coffee in Frankfurt. Located directly next to where I work (Iimori), Magarete has the most relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and seemingly immaculate interior design (except that one bulb isn't working in the picture above-find it!). Can't wait to eat here soon.

A friendly waiter took our picture. Unfortunately my expression was in the middle of changing when he hit the button, so please do admire the crowns of our heads in black and white.

Mozzarella for our pizza.

Behold this delicious discus!

Annika has assured me she's never worn these fabulous leg accessories out.

The final product of the Deadly Sins project.

There's less than 7 days left of freedom and although there is a lot to dread in the coming year, hopefully it will be a good final year at school. When you don't think too much about the future and worry about fulfilling something unknown, life can be quite exciting.

This cover is lovely and almost as good as the original.

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