Silver and Gold and Feet and Hips

In German one uses the verb 'feiern' (to celebrate something) when referring to 'clubbing'. This in itself, is a mysterium I have pondered occasionally by myself. Imagine saying in english: 'You going out celebrating tonight?' when in actual fact you mean: 'You going to intoxicate yourself and dance for hours to mediocre music dodging perverse lonely unsatisfied men tonight?'
I've always thought 'going out clubbing' or 'going out for a night in the town' sounds vaguely off and the German language has found a decent way of avoiding this terminological problem by simply implying that on these seemingly endless Friday and Saturday nights, one goes out to celebrate something lovely, perhaps even your existence on this spinning globe. It seems so paradoxical and absurd, because I know many individuals who in actual fact want o forget what happens during the hours where the sun is up and consign their ever present feeling of depersonalisation to oblivion by becoming one of the many silhouettes in a dark and crowded room with flashy lights and loud rhythms. Of course that's just a conclusion I have drawn from my ongoing observations.
Conversely, it is of course possible to enjoy yourself dancing and forgetting, but I increasingly have the impression it is an excuse for people to try not to try to be cool, minimalistic hip thrusts and exaggerated arm extensions and alcohol consumption.
If only there had been good music last night, because I definitely was not feeling the electronic remixes of 90's Hip Hop.

A small insight into my views on adolescent topics. I could say so much but I'm saving that for when the disconnected thoughts in my head can form to firm opinions.

 This building really took my fancy.

Junk shop find. Old Fujifilm Instax.


 Applying a mask

 Berlin & Ikea

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