August Bits

In terms of personifying months, aren't June and July like twin sisters who have come to terms with getting mixed up because they are loved by many as being young, fun loving bringers of summer? And isn't August a sort of saucy crush-worthy teacher? He's definitely still hot, but teases those inhabitants of earth who enjoy the seasons with the imminence of September and thus autumn, reminding us that everything is a cycle, nothing stays static and everything changes. But even August depends on the sun, and the sun is a glowing gorgeous star blessing us with life every second of every month. I have no idea where I am going with this, but I hope that you too start imagining the months as actual live people who chat and get excited and go to the cinema together on their days off. Let's write short stories about them and get them published while we're young!

So anyway, here are a few photos of a few things in August.

August book: The Age of Absurdity by Michael Foley
An amazing read which is rich with philosophical and psychological references, discussing the way we live in the 21st century. He starts by explaining how humans define happiness and continues with elaborating how this ties in with the actions and thought patterns of the individual and society today. 
What makes it appealing is that it's written in an incredibly witty and non-intimidating way. Foley manages to invoke a sense of self-awareness that is perhaps not for the weak hearted. Brilliant.

August food: This salad
Takes the biscuit as the best salad I've eaten for months. Rocket salad, goats cheese, croutons, walnuts, steamed vegetables, apple, honey, .... This wasn't a salad, this was a culinary surprise, a day-enhancer!

We put our iced green teas on this box so we could unlock our bikes and I said "Gotta snap this, perfect tumblr pic!"And Annika said "So knew it!" (Just that you have to imagine the dialogue in German, then it will be more accurate.)

August film: The Bling Ring
I watched this twice at the cinema. Sophia Coppola is responsible for a series of aesthetically pleasing, loveable motion pictures. There is an undeniable depth to the Bling Ring even though it seems simple, almost as if the real issues are barely touched on. The soundtrack is flawless and I will now keep listening to Drop it Low by Chris Brown as a result of my favourite scene in the movie.
I have no shame in admitting my slight crush on Marc played by Israel Broussard. Although the film was hyped partly because of Emma Watson's role, personally I feel he easily outshone her slight frame and lip-licking with his authentic character and amazing perspex-armed shirt.

And finally...

August male: Colton Haynes
 I think this gif I made speaks for itself.

This tune caught me off guard on the 1st of September. Enjoy! The video is pretty sweet too, love them dudes swimming in 90s nostalgia, groovin' out in band tees with paint!

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