Better Late Than Never (?)

I cannot believe that what feels like a week ago, I was worrying about getting sunburnt  and now I'm worrying about surviving sub-zero windchill riding my bike downhill.
Or maybe I should approach it in a more positive manner: I cannot believe that what feels like a week ago I was enjoying iced coffees outdoors and now I'm enjoying cosy jumpers and knee high fluffy socks.

I turned 19 recently, which means I can only use the phrase 'teen angst' for one more year. Among other things I enjoyed receiving well-wishes from people I hadn't heard from in a while and Morrissey's Autobiography.

Annika's turned 20 a week later and we celebrated the fact we were still alive in Amsterdam. What a fantastically beautiful city it is, which should be known for so much more than the availability of otherwise illegal substances.
Water dividing streets filled with more bikes than cars, the absence of sky scrapers, little friendly shops and a very high concentration of attractive male creatures, polite tourists and locals offering us free rides on public transport... I liked it, a lot.

Please enjoy a fraction of photographic remains of a week in adolescent limbo. Read on for more gushing from me on Suite 1888, the most beautiful Bed and Breakfast I have ever slept in.

You should probably check out the photographs of Suite 1888 on its website. My badly lit grainy photographs may appeal to me on some artistic levels but you can get a better idea of the impeccably designed apartment there.
It was very close to the centre of Amsterdam, beautifully furnished, complete with complementary fruit, wine and daily breakfast delights. Not only that, we were welcomed and taken care of by the most friendly, helpful, lovely couple who lived upstairs.
Suffice to say, I would happily sacrifice a year without coffee in order to stay there again. Which is saying a lot.

I am in limbo now by the way, working, sleeping, eating, cycling, reading, watching Season 2 of Gossip Girl. I miss when 2008 music was new. Remember Alex's longer hair, the slight hint of low self esteem?

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