Formalities and Freedom

I have to admit, the fact that I was soon to be flying to Singapore to see my father for the first time in two years partly eclipsed the significance of graduation and prom.

I finished my final exams what feels like centuries ago. My Japanese oral was about women and their role in marriage and I remember saying so many times that the most important thing was love and that we'd all get along better if we remembered that occasionally. Cheesiness prevailed and it went well.

When I got the question for my History oral I remember smiling and thanking the Gods, fate, destiny, karma and the sweet figure who is no longer my teacher.

After, the weights lifted, we sat by the Main and talked, minds clouded by a new kind of fatigue. What followed were days of blissful nothingness, which I filled with coffee, friends and early morning Game of Thrones marathons. (This morning I finally managed to pick off where I left off with that...)

So yes, a week before graduation I awoke to find an e-ticket to Singapore in my inbox. The details can be explained in a long-winded and possibly intimate manner, but suffice to say I was enveloped by an underlying feeling of excitement and apprehension for a while. More on that when I have sorted the ridiculous amount of photos I took there.

Films and books and corny American television series plant all these ideas in your mind about 'prom'- and I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to it on a lot of girly levels. But in reality it was a gathering of proud parents, reluctant teachers and nostalgic, dressed up teenagers. We listened to awkward speeches and cringe-y performances and afterwards we danced our socks off until our hearts and feet were finished.

Unfortunately the photographic remains of this time are currently only available in grainy iPhone form.
I feel the need briefly to express the love I felt for my dress. It's by London-based Three Floor. The leather strap neck detailing is just ridiculously amazing and reminds me of something slightly ill-fitting of a formal dress.

This is our neighbours cat. He is the most beautiful creature I named 'Aslan'. Whenever our paths cross he projects an aura of selfless love not many cats do.

 The thing is, Frankfurt can be beautiful.

 I visited my sister at work and here I am after having a needle stuck in my ear being told that the oxygen levels in my blood are totally fine. Thanks Thomas!

@ M.A.C.

 These women are my home.

M is for Mausam.

 One of those 'thigh pictures' and a me at about 7 AM after removing about 78 pins from my hair. I then packed my suitcase and left for the airport three 3 hours later. 

Finally, a think a few people need Cosmo Sheldrake in their lives. Listen and enjoy.

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