Slinging in Singapore (A South East Asian Journey Part 1)

Where do I possibly begin an attempt to put my trip into words that even scratch at the surface of what those ten days meant.
I suppose I should start by mentioning the amazing 60-year old Philippine lady who sat next to me on the plane. Our twelve hours together started with me helping her operate the in-flight entertainment system and ended with her telling me about her (saucy) love life. The two of us were still giggling as we approached Changi airport.

I don't think I have ever felt a more bombastic cocktail of emotions as I did while I waited for my suitcase to arrive on the luggage belt.
I saw my Dad for the first time in two years, a lot was instantly and temporarily forgotten and more remembered.

There was a taxi drive to a breakfast at the Fullerton Hotel. Singapore's architecture is insanely impressive with it's swooping curving skyscrapers decorated with nonchalant palm trees and greenery. Sci-fi Marina Bay twinkled through the haze and I promise I did actually pinch my hand as my Dad enthusiastically attempted to prepare me for harsh emotional hits. The aircon breathed artificial freshness.
 I have never experienced Jet lag the way I did when I arrived in Singapore. I basically hadn't slept straight for almost 48 hours and was ruthlessly being enveloped by my father's new and very alien life style.While my dad and his new partner fed me stories and plans I was seriously doubting that it was actually all reality. The humid heat pressed on my body and bones and I was thankful when we drove to their condo. After being presented with fluffy slippers I was asleep within 20 seconds, a fan blessing me with its delicious whipped up air.

When I woke up several hours later, we drove to Orchard. The city is so far away from anything that is easy to describe but my eyes alone were pleased feasting on more sky high buildings and shops and ill-placed shrubbery.
On more than one occasion I was spoiled, materialistically speaking. The second picture is the view from the bedroom I was given for the trip. How many human beings live in that concrete jungle?! Weirdly, I felt as though those buildings were empty.

 That roller coaster was brutal. I screamed a lot and afterwards enjoyed a sweet natural high produced by this swirling metallic framework.
A minute fraction of Singapore's sky line and an enticing night club at Marina Bay.
 My Dad was working some of the time I was there but we met for lunch on those days. I appreciated the chance to briefly witness some angmos (Singlish: foreigner) who had decided to spend an extended period of time working on this tropical, money making island. How HOT that sweet banker must have been.
There was a lot to talk about with my Dad. After work one day he took me to this rooftop bar called 1 Altitude (check the website!). Whilst classily dressed waiters attended to your needs, you were able to enjoy a 360 degree view of Singapore whilst lounging on comfy chairs. In the background an adorable asian girl sang beautiful acoustic versions of old pop songs. So I had a Sing Sling, watched the sun set and got a lot off my chest. 

I find extremely inclined to mention that two tables away from us there was an already pink faced old English gentlemen in a crisp suit who enthusiastically told his conversational partner: "Singapore is on fire! On fire I tell you!"
Ridiculous and cliched as it was I couldn't stop laughing for about five minutes.

And as the sun disappeared into nothingness, the city state transformed into a magnificent display of lights with effortless ease.

This girl (Joyjoy) was pretty cute. She's my Dad's new partner's niece and we spent a day together exchanging universal girl gossip and shopping. 

As if I wasn't already being spoiled enough, my Dad planned a quick trip to Bangkok as well. I had an amazing time there. Amazing doesn't even begin to cover it. Words, unfortunately, can't ever perfectly represent an event, a time, experiences, feelings. But thank God they exist, and thank God I am able to burn these pictures into screens to help failing memory and attempt to share my time.

There are many more pictures to come, especially of Thailand.

I am leaving for Croatia tomorrow morning where I will be spending a week with my best friend. How beautiful, wonderful, lovely, lucky!

After Croatia I'll be in England for a week and I've got this feeling I'll have hundreds of photographs to sort out after that.

I really like this band a lot lately.

Lots of love internet world.


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