new born

I'm finding it difficult finding something witty and clever to say on my first ever post on this beautifully clean palette of a blog.

I'm a 17-year-old english girl living in a busy city in Germany. My Mum works for a bank, my sister is an aspiring doctor and my Dad has been working and surviving in Singapore now for nearly a year.

Simple things seem to make me happy, like clothes, pastel colours, good music and new shoes. More complicated things make me sad... sometimes it seems impossible to adjust.

I want to leave you with something more aesthetically pleasing than squiggly black words on white so here is something your ears could enjoy as well.

I promise, the next time I post will be with pretty pictures and beautiful new purchases! It may be sooner than I think, but for now the lighting is too dim and I'm feeling tired looking at Carl sleeping on my bed.
(Carl is not a beautiful boy with pale skin and high cheekbones, who listens to the best music and dresses impeccably... Carl is a little black kitten who's been in a bad mood all day.)

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