velvet tee in january

It's Saturday afternoon and I'm worn out and full of couscous and coffee.
This week felt so short, but it was good. I finished school early nearly every single day and held a Japanese presentation which went well. I wish I could put into words my undying love for Tokyo. It's been almost a year I've been back in Germany, but that demands and deserves a seperate post laden with old pictures and purikura.

Last week a beautiful package arrived from Urban Outfitters. As soon as I slipped these black beauties on to my longing feet I felt happy and am now basically still massively happy that the shoes I have been eyeing up online for a while are finally mine.
Deena & Ozzy heeled chelsea boots, you shall serve me well.

That same day I bought a gorgeous dip-hem skirt from Zara with my voucher leftover from Christmas and a sweet grey velvet T-shirt which was only 6€!

This coat is the latest object of my desire (seen on WishWishWish).

Also finally got some black and white film for my Dad's old Nikon F70 film camera. I can't wait to start experimenting as I am still a film virgin and have been longing for the delights of authentic film photographs for a while.
(Look at gorgeous Carl by the way! (S)he was very interested in my shoes.)

I am excited and intrigued about the world of blogs. There are numerous reasons why I haven't decided to start proper blogging earlier, one undoubtedly being: Who is actually interested?
I'll see soon enough, and for now I'm happy with this little place on the internet, regardless of how many pairs of eyes find it!

For your ears today, listen to this.

Tomorrow I shall tie my hair up and wear my long lavender skirt again and serve people green tea matcha latte and steal sushi and sweet breads to take home from the beautiful café where I work.