I promised myself I would write something on here as often as I can, especially at the beginning.
It is Monday today and my head is throbbing with little relief due to lack of sleep and lack of coffee (I spent an hour trying to fix our machine).
Some notable things that have happened since my last post:
  • I have been waitressing so hard, a pulled a muscle in my stomach (how is this possible?)
  • I also made 30 euro in tip, not bad not bad.
  • I rediscovered my gifted navy Burberry blazer from Japan (!)
  • I slept in once.
  • I finished The Hunger Games series. Loved it! Bit worried they're going to turn the film into some teen flick. Either way I'm going to watch it and the trailer looks good.
  • Started loving this song.
In an attempt to bring some kind of structure to this post, here are the only pictures I took last week with a short elaboration.

The weekend before last I had coffee with my Mum in town, before embarking on a shopping trip in the most least shopping-y city I've ever been, but sadly live.

Luckily our family has a drawer full of old, used iPhones so that I was able to start using Mum's old white 3G after idiotically dropping my old faithful with dire consequences. 

This is one of those pictures that just looks intersting, in a way that made me like it enough to touch up. Before long there'll be some pretty colours clothing these bare branches.

Oh look it's yours truly, this is my face! And my new necklace and my lovely camera and my bed.

This was taken on Saturday when I met Annika after not having seen her for over a week (this understandably meant there was an intense amount of catching up to do). It was brilliant and I enjoyed the first chai latte I've ever bought with money I've earned. Got two lollipops for free!

Lately, I have really been missing Japan. It has been a year since I got back and the thought of it makes me feel nostalgic and sad for numerous reasons. I miss everyone I met there so much and I feel terrible for not staying in touch regularly. I can't say that it's impossible or that I don't have time.
The truth is that I just got distracted with trying to sort myself out here. There have been too many things to think about and demons to fight and changes to embrace. So much has happened since I got back from Tokyo, I think my past self would never believe what was to come.

I'm also so sad that I have so little opportunity to use the language that I can feel that I am no where near as fluent as I was by the time I had been there for half a year. While I was confronted with Japanese every day and forced to partake in every day conversation I had no difficulty whatsoever dealing with it, I loved it.
I'm promising myself from now, to do some more independent studying and watch some more corny J-Drama.

And here is something that could will make you happy. (It's a cat eating a banana. I know you want to.)