A man can do what he wants, but not want what he wants.

It's utterly unbelievable how fast time passes. It's been about a month since I posted something here.
My mind isn't working fast enough to produce a lovingly written text so instead have this list again!

  • I have finally inherited an old iPhone 4 which my Dad sent from Singapore.
  • Carl the cat was ill again but is now back to being a lively black ball of fur.
  • Was really ill with Strep type A. Off school for nearly two weeks on a diet of vanilla ice cream.
  • Worked two days in a row and nearly killed myself in the process.
  • Ordered a dress off Romwe.
  • Mum came back from a short trip to London, bringing Topshop gifts and Cadbury delights.
  • Did some Yoga with my friends 6 year old sister last night, she's a pro.

  • I bought these bits a while ago when Accessorize was having a massive sale. I'm especially fond of the earrings.

    This wall is destined to be wallpapered with beautiful vintage floral wallpaper, but until then I'll clumsily cover it in photos and pages from magazines. Note the Christmas-y mug on an unbelievably untidy desk,

    It snowed. It was also -20 degrees for a week.

    Can we discuss Mini from Skins?! She's become my favourite after her episode in the new season. I love her style, the bright colours and fearless accessories, but I've also started to love her character.

    Instagram!: 1) I wish I was confident enough to wear these cherry trousers I tried on in Zara. 2) OPI Glitzerland! 3) Class excursion to Bonn 3) Starbucks cookie from Mum 4) The love of my life 5) iPhone 4 has a front camera, ok?! 6) DIYed chest of drawers 7) Scribbles.

    I am so tired and full of sweets from last night so I will now sit and enjoy some silence. I am in love with this song.

    ("A man can do what he wants, but not want what he wants." - Schopenhauer.)

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