Albion, I'm coming!

I couldn't tell you how many times I have nearly posted something here.
Regardless of the fact that I am clearly not the most dedicated blogger, I think I can excuse myself by admitting I am out of practice and have had a lot of other things on my mind that have stopped me from pouring my heart out to my second favourite audience: an nonjudgemental white box (my favourite would be Carl the cat, as he is unable to speak but still manages to curl up and purr on my lap, miraculously when I'm feeling really down).

As a lot goes on in three weeks (or has it been four?!) I've come to the conclusion that I should perhaps start writing lists of things I don't want to forget to write. What's important right now is that I am finally on Easter holidays and am flying to England on Thursday morning, together with legions of business men in black suits on the 7AM flight. It's always more than a treat visiting England, because although it is home, circumstance doesn't allow us to go too often. I've got the added bonus of going alone, and although I love people I can't wait to get away from everything here for seven days.
I can't wait for the friendly, smiley, open people of England, I can't wait to forget Germany for a week and am already anticipating the bitter disappointment of unfriendly passport-checkers upon my return to Frankfurt.
I get to see my family, I get to see History (a regal old ginger cat) and Winston (a depressed golden dog)!

  • I spent a lot of time talking over coffee this month, perhaps more than usual. I am thankful for my caffeine addiction.
  • I am perhaps slightly late in acquiring the Lana Del Rey album, but I love it. I've missed the feeling of listening to something new over and over again. I read somewhere, Lana was "sadcore pop. Agreed.
  • We all went to Bavaria for my uncle's 40th birthday party and it was hard work, like family gatherings often are. Cake and sekt anyone? Also, I am now fascinated with the Neuschwanstein castle.  Ludwig II of Bavaria only lived there for around 8 months after is was completed. One day he went out for a walk with his psychiatrist. They were later found dead in a lake nearby.
  • Fräulein is the best German magazine I have ever come across. It may only come out four times a year, but it's brilliant.
  • I bought a second-hand dip-dye jumper. First I loved it, then I regretted it, now I like it!
  • Mint is without a doubt currently my favourite colour! What would people in the middle ages think? What would the Virgin Queen look like decked out in a minty frock? Oh questions!

  • And finally, Wet Cement and Promises by the Morning Benders.

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      1. Thank you! :))

        Yes, let's! I love the look of your blog!