Dripping Honey

The past few weeks have swept by almost with ease, even though they were filled with the final exams for this year. Maybe it's because the pain of imposing maths exams was numbed by two-hour phone calls the night before. Maybe it's because there's a lot more to life than school and consistantly trying to do your best- Definitely both.

It's been a long time since I let some thoughts make their way onto this inconspicuous place. My trip to England was perfection!
I stayed with my beautiful Grandma, in beautiful Canterbury. She told me about how she fell in love, resulting in me almost crying over my cup of tea because it was so ridiculously wonderful, she told stories of the Queen's garden parties and took me to the seaside to meet her mad, elderly, wealthy friends. It is worlds apart from seemingly dry Frankfurt but it was the perfect medicine for escape.

So aside from surviving school and dealing with some heavy disappointments outside of my control, somehow I have been rewarded with a warm feeling in my stomach at the thought of the holidays, England and the pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas I'm going to buy.

I've been going out a lot more recently and on one occasion met the most adorable 15-year-old sunny boy at an eighteenth birthday party. He is to me what Justin Bieber is to many: the love of my life. I'm joking (I think).
I also had a 20-minute long nosebleed in my friend's cousin's house at one in the morning.

I'm helping Annika with an art project for school and the process is horrendously fun. I'll post the results here later when they've all been edited and approved! So keep your eyes peeled for a minimalist version of the seven deadly sins!

And now for some photographic evidence that I am not in fact, inventing everything I write here.

 Just one little piece of a beautiful garden!

Love this cat. History!

These are wonderful and don't hurt your feet, even after hours of walking and/or dancing!

 Herne Bay.

The bed I've slept in most aside from my own and someone lucky's birthday present!

Gluttony nails!

So now you could watch this video of an old Indian man laughing or listen to Oh Land playing a live acoustic version of White Nights or you could go outside and run around topless. That is one of life's beauties: Although we often feel inhibited, the truth is we are free to do almost anything at all.

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