June Showers

It rained all day today and I didn't have an umbrella. In fact, I think it's still raining now, but I am warm and inside listening to Carl playing with a hairband. It feels more like October than June and that's lovely.
In three weeks I'll begin my last ever summer as a pupil and once again embark on a trip to England which I am definitely looking forward to.

Did Zumba for the first time last night and I now firmly believe that everyone should try it out. Shake your behind around, sweat buckets whilst listening to cheesy music? Are you not even tempted?
(Also, the trainer was attractive in an odd way. Or was it just his enthusiasm?)

As promised, here are a few pictures that aren't part of the project but a result of two days worth of taking photos.

Much better than an outtake, which is why it's also on flickr.
To your left, Topmodel candidate Helena Klaric, to your center and right, me hanging on to people in a circle.

Mmm whipped cream and smarties. Delicious...?

日本人になってしまったんだ!(<-- evidence that I did, in fact, spend half a year in Tokyo.)

I hope something exciting happens. Like meeting Noel Fielding in a lift in Frankfurt or winning a trip to Melbourne or perhaps receiving an anonymous parcel filled with chocolate and shoes and stories about elephants in India.
I like listening to this song, when I need encouragement.


  1. Wow these pictures are really awesome!! Great ideas!! I love especially the first, third and the last one!! Thumbs up!!

    Hope you visit me on my blog