Yellow, Rice and the Main

So it's nearing the end of June now and it's so cold that I'm running out of tights agian. I think humans need the seasons, a kind of natural change that helps us cope with more intimate change that might seem wrong. But I appreciate summer taking its time this year.
I have four more days before I can finally kiss goodbye to school for six weeks. But to be honest, I am just starting to like going again.

Today I nearly fell asleep in class but soon woke up after going into town with the soul sister. It was lovely as expected and we sat in a restaurant between two couples and pulled faces while one of the girls gushed about her degree in Aesthetics.
We went to the river that I usually always take for granted, a beautiful, seemingly endless mass of perfect water dividing what has become home in half.
Three of us sat on a bench and laughed and talked and I got so emotional I definitely asked them to marry me. It's scary to think there's not much time left as we are. But probably just as exciting.

Whenever we have days like this, we always end up saying: In a year we'll remember this day! or What do you think we'll say about today in a few years? and I wish I could stay here forever.

So enough of me going on about those precious hours.
Here are some pictures.

Annika and I sat outside Iimori, where we work...

And got extra treats.

 This is today. And those are the hands of two lovely people.

A & B

Some unexpected things happened in the space of a week. But really, what can happen in a year?


  1. lol...falling asleep in class :p Cute bag and sushi= yumm I had sushi today too!

    I am your NEWEST FOLLOWER via GFC! I also have twitter an lookbook! I hope you can stop by my blog and let me know what you think! I hope you can follow me back now too ^_^

    God bless

  2. Thanks tabitha, that's actually my friend I took pics of!

    I don't know much about German culture- so I hope you can do a post about shopping in Germany- I have no clue what your shops look like. Do you think you will? :) HUGS from USA!

    God bless