A Swedish Shop

I feel like I have to write now, and remember that we only live once and everything can feel ok.
Some humans think too much, and if you are like me, one of them, you also know how tedious that can be. But it's ok and it's good. 'Ok' and 'good' are such ordinary words, but I think they suffice in this case.

Today was my last day of school and it was also 30 degrees. We left without saying good bye to everyone and it felt just right, not too much, just right.

Town was boiling. I have to stress that I hate the summer. I absolutely cannot fathom why people would love it. The sun beating down on your skin like an endless heated oven, sweat oozing from every pore, sticky rooms and red bodies? Maybe I'm exaggerating. The sun is a beautiful beacon of light and hope and nature. But I like it when it's cloaked in clouds not out showing off.
Even though it was hotter than it's been for weeks, today was beautiful, ... again.

We spontaneously went to Ikea. And we walked about the bedrooms and made up stories and pretended to live there, as one does. Is there a shop more fantastic than Ikea? I want to hide in a cupboard with friends and stay there over night, sleep in 10 different beds, eat cold meat balls and wrap myself in the children's toys.

We sat and talked for hours. And a hiccup of sadness was nullified by soothing words and feelings.

In a week I'll be preparing for my escape to Albion, and I am anxious to see the sea again.
Tomorrow I'm going to spend time with my lovely mum and hopefully acquire a first bikini for dips in the sea. Then I'm going to Annika's to celebrate the fact that we are in fact alive, and it is truly not always difficult, but instead packed with hours of laughing at long foreheads and silly boys and bare feet.



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